Q: I'm trying to load a map and then an error occurs saying something about "hunk allocate failed". What can I do?
A: Either start SG using a direct link (shortcut, see Getting Started on how to create a shortcut) , or modify your q3config.cfg (in the baseq3 and smokinguns folder) and change com_hunkmegs to at least 96.

Q: I'm trying to connect to a server and I'm always getting an "client command overflow" error. How can I fix that?
A: Try to delete your q3config.cfg in the smokinguns folder and make a copy of the backup.cfg, renaming it to q3config.cfg. That should work.

Q: I think the maps are looking too bright on my PC. What can I do about this?
A: Set "r_overbrightbits" to 0 and the maps won't be so bright anymore. There's a slider-button in your settings/system/other menu for brightness as well.

Q: How do I reload akimbo pistols?
A: Hold down your reload button (default R) and then press the primary fire button to reload the left pistol and the secondary fire button for the right pistol.

Q: I bought a scope. How can I use it?
A: First you have to make sure that you have a sharps rifle and the scope, because the sharps rifle is the only rifle in the mod that works with a scope. Then select the sharps and press your "use scope" button (default enter).

Q: How can I disassemble a gatling gun so I can carry it?
A: When you are already mounted to the gatling, press your secondary fire button to pack it up.

Q: How can I use a gatling gun that is already deployed?
A: Move close to it, point your crosshair at it and press your use key (default E) when the crosshair turns yellow.

Q: What do I have to do in the bank robbery mode?
A: In short: Either you have to rob one of the safes in the map & escape with the loot or you have to defend them. Another way to win (that pays less money) is to kill all of the players on the other team.

Q: How can I open a safe in bank robbery mode?
A: Blow it up with dynamite!

Q: I'm an outlaw in bank robbery mode, why do I have to protect the bank?
A: If the robbing team wins the round, then the two teams swap sides. Just imagine the town is now run by the gangsters and the good guys have to free it/get the stolen money back.

Q: I don't see any weapons after a duel starts.
A: You have to draw your pistols manually. Just press the "2" key and press fire to draw your weapons. Or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse & press fire.

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