No Man's Land 2015 TOURNAMENT


Registration is open to all for the qualification.

!Players can register!: 

  • reply to this post indicating the name or;
  • reply on Facebook group or on page or;
  • go to our site and send us an e-mail with your name.

The end of registration is 21 January!

THE SERVER CALLED "NML 2015" protect by password "dyna".

All matchs will be play in random maps.

!The date and all times of the matches of the tournament will be announced no later than January 22!

(if we reach more than 18 players we proceed with DEATMATCH otherwise we’ll formed teams).

The qualification takes place with a DEATHMATCH with TIME LIMIT of 30 minutes. *
*In case of equality of the last place we proceed with a DUEL match: wins and qualifies the first player who scores 3 points, while the others are eliminated.

We create 6 teams of 3 players randomly selected of 18.
The teams are placed randomly in a map. To see it go to http://destinoitaly.altervista.org/alterpages/files/ENG.pdf

The battle starts, DIVIDED INTO 3 DAYS.
The battle take place with a TEAM DEATHMATCH with TIME LIMIT of 20 minutes*.

*In case of equal, wins the team with the player who has the most points. In case of further parity, comparing the scores of the second players, and so on, if necessary.

  • DAY 1

The three matchs are drawn to go to the semifinals.


To decide what player goes to next challenge, we consider three cases:
FOR NEIGHBORHOOD: one of the teams that reached the semi-final have the territory in common with one of the other two teams. This does not happen if the team is surrounded, at the same time, with the other 2 and, in that case, we proceed with the rule of 
RIGHT OF PROPERTY: clash the teams that border, in the map with the territory conquered from DAY 1 battle. Even if can’t be established then we proceed in a way
RANDOM: the match is chosen casually
The team that stays out of the draw goes automatically in final.

  • DAY 3 | FINAL

Now, clash the team remained outside the previous draw and the winner team of the semifinal.
On the same day, after TEAM DEATHMATCH, the winning team can fight in NO MAN'S LAND! to decide the tournament champion.
The match take place between all members of the team with a DUEL MATCH and win the player who scores the first 7 points.

At the matchs is allowed to attend as spectator to the players of the teams eliminated in the last two days.

In case of absence of one or two players of a team, exceeded the time of the match, the only representative of team can decide if to play or retire, declaring winning the opposing team with the last choice.
In the total absence of a team, exceeded the time of the match, the opponent team wins.
In the absence of both teams during the day of the match the new date to retrieve it will be announced later, on the Smokin' Guns 's forum.

Will be banned from the server and deleted from the tournament the players that:
•insult any player,
•it invades a match which does not have the right to participate.

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