Breli's maps publishing

Hi folks !

Breli, that good old fellow, one of official Smokin'Guns mappers, was back again to work few weeks ago ! This was a very good first surprise but not the last !

He decided to make revive and finish a map on which he worked a decade ago ! And he published his work a week ago !

The map is named Sweetwater and is really great ! Breli still works on it but the current version is still great to play. To try it, I propose you to join the Sweetwater TEST dedicated online server. Remember to enable "auto-download" option before connecting.

Sweetwater preview

Then, as we want to make Smokin'Guns Return, switching to Dæmon engine from Unvanquished, Breli decided to release his legacy maps under CC BY-SA 4.0.

With his based map sources, we really can imagine to work on a fully opened Smokin'Guns Return game. There's still a lot of work, but we really need some map sources.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us on Discord, you could even directly thanks Breli for his generous gift for the community !

If you have any mapping skill, don't hesitate to join (and stimulate) our task force...

Smokin'Guns Return ?

Hi folks !

Thanks to @illwieckz from the Unvanquished project we are looking to use Daemon engine for a big game update.

If you're interested to join our task force, you can join us on Discord to chat about this project.

Any mapper who contributed to SG in the past may contact us and tell which license should be applied to his map/content assets, including maps sources. You may leave a message on the forum or leave me a mail to tequila <at> smoking-guns.org. If you have a forum account, feel free also to create your own mapper/dev wiki page where you can tell everything we and other contributors need to know before including your assets in a new release/new contribution.

Of course, new contributions will be welcome and we would appreciate if you first choose a Creative Commons License like CC BY-SA 4.0. Our purpose will still be to release SG as a free game and this is the reason we want to try Daemon engine.

Let's be creative !


No Man's Land 2015 Tournament

Prepare to conqueror the Old Wild West ! Register the tournament until January, the 21th ! Laughing


=>Registration & Rules<=

=>Signed list of players<=

=>Match planning and results<=




=>Planning, Results & Ranking<=

=>Teams registered<=

Happy new year !

I wish a happy new year to all the Smokin'Guns community and of course to you, stranger !

Thank you all to be there ! You're our blood !

Few may have noticed, but I'm back on merging and synchronizing the ioQuake3 engine with our loved game. So expect some good news for this new year ! Don't expect a revolution, but I'm sure you'll continue to take loving care of your machine gun !!

Twisted Evil

Unofficial MAC Installer

Howdy everybody !

Even if we are not fully available to maintain this game, our community IS !

Lastly, a newcomer name NetBoot did a great work to provide MAC users a native installer. Thank you so much NetBoot !

We mirrored this installer in our download section or you can go and get it from NetBoot page on SourceForge.

Also Mac users are invited to thank NetBoot in our forum Wink

X-mas news


Good news everyone!
This year is ending soon and even the world itself might end Wink.
Well, at least, the holiday season has begun and our community's activity is increasing. For instance, Ricochet is organizing a duel championship on December 23rd, 2012! I dare you to enter the contest with the best gunslingers this community has. Reply to Ricochet's topic until 22nd to sign up for the contest.
Also I would like to announce Smokin'Guns is definitively not dead. I often hear people looking for the Smokin'Guns team since the last release. We are here and need time to take care of everything. Lastly Pardner managed to release his latest map and I fixed some bugs in the code with our community help.
So you can expect a new Smokin'Guns release soon during next year !!! This is said.
I'm also would like to remember you we are always ready to merge new patches in Smokin'Guns code. We actually merging new stuffs so the code is evolving quickly! Many thanks to all our contributors, for instance TheDoctor and Barto. Coders can follow the changes and download the most recent sources, visit our repositories at SourceForge and at GitHub. Fork, code and ask for merging!! But yet, more is to come: many other patches of TheDoctor remain to be incoporated, there's also a patch from a contributor on SF to support 64bits executables and many updates from ioQuake3.
Finally, I'm happy to see and meet many loyal Smokin' Guns players during the next weeks. New players should remember, most online activity is in the evening (European time) and on weekends/holidays.
Twisted Evil


Smokin' Guns 1.1 Released

download-c.pngNo this is not an allucination !

Smokin'Guns 1.1 is officially released today and you still can get it from our new official Downloads page. Yeahah !

You should also realize Smokin'Guns community owns now a great new site based on Drupal and it is launched with a great and smart theme thanks to Biondo, our good friend and talented web designer !
Thank you for all your investment Biondo !

So, new release, new site !! What else ! He he... some other nice news will come soon, but now it's time to thank Joe Kari for his efforts and his desire to push toward Smokin'Guns 1.1 release. You'll find nice new features exposed in his great Alamo II map !! I would like also to thank Torhu for the Windows exe installer and also Barto for his try in a generic Debian package !! And of course, thank you Red and Pardner for your priceless involvement !!!

I would also thank you all for your long time support ! And now my heart is just beating toward our old good friends who were around for years and who are just missing us today...

Twisted Evil

Smokin' Guns RC2 is out

Thanks to Joe Kari efforts, we are kindly coming to soon release Smokin' Guns 1.1 !!

This time he packaged the Release Candidate 2 and you are pleased to download and test it !! yeeeeaahahah !!

Help us and report your feeling with this RC and don't forget to vote for it if think this is the right release !


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